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Growing Green Beans - Bush Beans vs Pole Beans

Instead, this is a look at pole beans vs. bush beans in the home garden. The classifications of green beans deal with growing habits. Pole beans create long vines that often intertwine and can be trained upward on a trellis or pole (a great space-saving measure); bush beans grow into compact plants about 18 inches tall.

Bush vs. Pole Beans. Many of the same varieties can be found in bush-type and vine-type plants. The vine type are known as pole beans. Bush bean plants grow to their full size within six or seven

Couldn't tolerate the bending involved with the bush beans. Did have luck with the 'Blue lake' bush variety (which is why we chose the Blue lake pole beans). Both Blue lake, and Tendercrop, bush varieties grew well here in Ohio. I used to get a double crop by mowing the bush beans off (mower blade set high). Once they had come back, we had more

Pole bean plants dry off fast after a rain or sprinkling because they grow straight up where the air can dry them. Therefore, bean diseases, which thrive in humid conditions and spread easily when leaves are wet, are kept at bay. Pole vs Bush Beans. Some folks prefer growing bush beans to pole beans because although they take up more space

Good to know: If you collect beans at regular intervals, you'll for sure have a larger harvest. As a general rule, pole beans can stay on the vine longer than bush beans and remain tender. But I wouldn't bet on it. Harvest as many as you can at a time.

Bush Beans vs Pole Beans. All beans can be grouped into one of two categories depending on how they grow. Bush beans are plants that are usually under 2 ft tall. All of the flowers develop at more or less the same time and so do the beans, which makes them suitable for mechanical harvest.