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Chilli pepper 'Cayenne Long Slim' (Caspicum annuum) is the best known hot Chilli pepper, much used for flavouring exotic meat dishes and sauces. The fruit ripens to a bright red. Chilli peppers can be preserved. Perfect for deep freezing and for pickling.

Cayenne Long Thin Pepper. Slender, long peppers turn bright red and are very hot. The 2' plants are vigorous and quite productive. Very popular for drying and using as a spice; also used medicinally. This heirloom has been popular for many years.

Long Slim Red Cayenne is a very productive plant, it is upright-growing and reaches about 60cm in height. The plants are covered with long, thin peppers which mature from emerald green to a scarlet red in approximately 70 days.

CAYENNE LONG SLIM. Species: Annuum Origin: USA Heat: Medium According to one anonymous writer, this variety was first documented in 1493 by Christopher Columbus and that one of his passengers, a man named de Cuneo, described how Native Americans ate peppers like one would eat an apple

TDin walls. Can grow to 1' long! Ripens from light green to yellow to orange to crimson red. Excellent fryer. Red Cayenne TDin. 70-75 days. Very hot. Slender, long, wrinkled peppers, 5-6 x .75", TDin walls, two cells. Ripens from dark green to bright red. Easy to can, dry, pickle. Vigorous 22-30" spreading plants. P: Cayenne Long Slim: 70