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Dahlia Cornel. Dahlias Like it Warm, Not Hot. Like most plants, dahlias evolved in a specific location and unique ecosystem. They are native to the mountains of southern Mexico and Central America, where summer days are warm (80°F) and nights are cool (65°F). Growing conditions along the

One of our most well-rounded varieties, 'Cornel Bronze' features beautiful bronzy-orange blooms that pair well with other colours. Plants are very productive, producing an abundance of beauty the entire season. Strong, straight stems and an excellent vase life make this variety a flower arrangers dream.

Cornel is a tried and true wonderful rich red ball dahlia. About 3-4 inches around and 3-3.5 ft tall. Good tubermaker, great stems.

Dahlia 'Cornel' Note: We are taking a break from selling dahlias in order to build up our mother stock of tubers and to improve the process for our customers and our farm crew. Learn more about our decision and the future of Floret dahlias. We're continuing to research and experiment with different ways to share dahlias with other flower lovers.