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Species plants as well as most fig cultivars are parthenocarpic (fruits develop without cross pollination). Genus name comes from the Latin name for Ficus carica the edible fig. Specific epithet refers to Caria, a district in Asia Minor known for growing figs. 'Chicago Hardy' is considered to be one of the hardiest edible figs. Its stems are

These are all also referred to as members of the Common Fig family. Common Figs are self-fertile and there are many, many varieties varying in taste color and growth habit. Chicago - Chicago is the most reliable fig for zone 5 planting, as it will produce plenty of fruit during the growing season even if it freezes to the ground in the winter. Fruit of this cultivar is medium to small in size and richly flavored.

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(3 Gallon) FIG Chicago Hardy Fig Tree, for sub Freezing temperatures, Produces Sweet Coffee Colored Medium Sized figs. High-yielding Tree That is Easy to Grow.

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Fig 'Chicago Hardy' (Ficus carica) This hardy fig tree can take subfreezing temperatures, dying back in the fall and resprouting in the spring. The medium-size fruit ripens to a delicious, sweetness in late summer and early fall. For northern growers, give it a heavy mulch with hay or leaves when dormant.