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Flower of the month November Chocolate Cosmos

Cosmos (Cosmos sulphureus, C. bipinnatus) are profuse annual flowers that are drought-tolerant and fast-growing—perfect for difficult conditions.

Cosmos produce an abundance of brightly colored, daisy-like flowers atop slender stems. With more than 20 species of these striking flowers, "Cosmos sulphureus" and "Cosmos bipinnatus" are the most has decadent Chocolate Cosmos! Chocolate Cosmos are a unique and whimsical flower that would serve as a wonderful accent to a bouquet of cream garden roses. These blooms add a decadent, romantic feel. They even smell like Chocolate!

Cosmos Seeds Bright, colorful "daisies" bloom on long stems with ferny leaves. Tolerates poor soil, heat and drought. Sow outdoors after frost.

Cosmos flower companion plants Cannas - This tall, sturdy, stately plant bears unique blooms in colors ranging from yellow to pink and red, all on tall, stiff stalks. Dwarf varieties of canna are also available.

Cosmos is the flower you should grow. Spanish priests grew cosmos in their mission gardens in Mexico. The evenly placed petals led them to christen the flower "Cosmos," the Greek word for harmony or ordered universe. Cosmos, like many of our warm weather annuals such as marigolds, originated in Mexico and South America.