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If you're looking for a showy annual bloom in the sunny garden or the container, something you can just plant and forget about, try growing Gazanias. In USDA hardiness zones 9-11, Gazanias perform as herbaceous, tender perennials.

Gazania, also known as the African daisy, is a perennial flower native to South Africa. In the UK, it is sometimes grown as an annual, as it often does not survive harsh winters throughout much of the country. Annual flowers are those that survive only one growing season.

Gazania is a tender perennial that is often grown as an annual. You can bring the plants inside for the winter.

What is a Hardy Annual Plant? Seeds: Hardy annual seeds can handle being frozen in the soil and are often planted in fall or early spring. Most self-seeding annuals would be considered hardy seeds, since they fall in winter and germinate the following spring.

'Daybreak Tiger Stripes Mix' gazania. Gazania 'Daybreak Tiger Stripes Mix' bears yellow, pink, orange, and cream flowers with a contrasting band down each petal. It grows 10 inches tall. 'Kiss White' gazania. Gazania 'Kiss White' offers lots of creamy-white flowers all summer long over dark green leaves. 'Sunbather's Sunset

Gazanias are generally treated as annuals in our climate. However many will overwinter if brought indoors and kept on the dry side until spring. Pest and Disease: May be affected by powdery mildew, fungal spots, crown rot, bacterial leaf spot, and mealy bugs.