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We will show you how to grow a wide variety of peppers including green Bell, Yellow, Red, Purple Fiesta Peppers, Jalapenos, Ancho Poblano, Pasilla, Indian and Thai peppers, Banana peppers, etc.

Green peppers like plenty of sunlight and moist, warm soil. If using seed, plant under a shelter about eight weeks before you anticipate the last frost in your area, then transplant. 156 shares

A sunny window is a perfect place for your green pepper seeds to flourish until it is warm enough to transplant. Plant the green pepper seeds 2-3 to a pot and simply thin out the weaker plants after a few weeks. If you are limited on space, feel free to grow green peppers in containers.

In green bells, 'Camelot' and 'Galaxy' produce nice blocky, four-lobed fruit. Green peppers are selected mainly for shape, since they will all turn color when mature. In red bells, we grow 'Elisa', an elongated, four-lobed fruit with good disease resistance and continuous fruit set.

PEPPER GROWING TIPS. To improve overall pepper production, consider using the following techniques. Plastic Mulch. To get an early start with your peppers, particularly in the North, cover the prepared bed with a dark colored polyethylene mulch at least a week before transplanting.

Growing Peppers Success Tips: Planting. Pepper require full sun for the best harvest. Plant peppers in well-drained soil rich in organic matter. Use 6 inch raised beds if your soil is poor and does not drain well. Add aged compost and bonemeal to each planting hole. Planting time. Peppers require a planting soil temperature of 65°F or greater.