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Raspberry plants require 1 to 2 inches of water per week and full exposure to sunlight. The area where you plant and care for your raspberry plants should be away from buildings or trees, giving the plant well-circulated air, while avoiding exposure to extreme winds.

**Red raspberries are the most winter-hardy. **Black raspberries require summer tipping, which means that if you do not trim the tips, they will grow to unmanageable lengths. **The more water you give to a raspberry plant, the taller it gets (so be careful not to give it too much water or it might get too tall…but don't let it dry out either!)

Plants that flower need a certain amount of sunlight each day to blossom. Blackberries develop from the center of the plant's blossoms and require the minimum amount of sunlight to bloom. Full

The plants will fare best in full sun, but those grown in partial shade can also be successful. Transplanting from a nursery is the best way to add plants to your garden. Place raspberry plants about two feet apart in rows that are spread about 6 feet apart. Early spring is the best time for planting.

Full sunlight, in gardening terms, means at least 6 hours of sun, but in some cases plants requiring full sunlight might need 8 or even 10 hours of light to thrive. For raspberries, aim to expose them to as much light as possible. Warm sunshine has a tendency to improve the quality of raspberry fruit, making it juicier and more flavorful.

Raspberries require full sun — at least six hours per day -- in order to produce well. If gardeners are unsure how much sunlight is available to a raspberry plant, the easiest way to learn is to use an electronic sunlight meter, like SunCalc or Sunstick.