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Blackberry plants are a rewarding way to turn your yard into an edible landscape. Learn how easy it is to plant blackberries and what you need for success. Blackberry plants at Stark Bro's are available in "Jumbo-3" and "Jumbo-6" packs, containing three or six plants of one variety

I show you how to plant 1 gallon blueberry bushes. I go through soil preparation, acidity, planting and feeding. All the steps you need to get your blueberry bushes established.

Plant blackberry canes in late fall or early spring. If you live somewhere with very cold winters, it's best to wait until spring to put your blackberries in the ground. In areas with more moderate winters, planting them in the fall is appropriate to give them a chance of setting for the growing season.

'Tophat':A self-fertile, heavy-cropping dwarf blueberry. Mature plants attain a height and spread of only 60cm (2ft). The medium-sized berries have a very good flavour. It has an attractive autumn colour. 'Duke' AGM:Stocky bushes produce good yields of medium to large fruit of excellent flavour. 'Duke' flowers late but crops early

Plant blueberry bushes in the spring after the last frost date. Place the plants five to six feet apart in rows that are eight to 10 feet apart. If you're planting several blueberry bushes, you could dig a trench rather than individual holes.

Planting blueberry bushes during the dormant season yields sweet and tangy fruits the following summer. The right kind of plant for your garden depends on your climate and the cultivar. To ensure