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Hyacinth Delft Blue -- Bluestone Perennials

Digitalis Hyacinth Hybrids Excelsior - Common name:Foxglove - Tall spikes of bell shaped blossoms in a multitude of pastel colors- pink, lavender pink, and white in June and July. Excelsior throats can be spotted in maroon or purple. Very "stately" when in bloom. Biennial.

This year, we have new combos of the fragrant, beautiful hyacinth, made famous by Madame de Pompadour, the beautiful mistress of France's King Louis XV. Much more than a mistress, Pompadour was a highly educated beauty whose taste in art and fashion were followed by all. For flowers, she favored the Dutch hyacinth over all others, and loved its intoxicating perfume.

The perfume of blooming hyacinths is as symbolic of early spring as lilacs are to the late-spring garden. Hyacinth plants consist of chubby succulent leaves arranged around a central flower spike. Florets pack the flower column in tight clusters. Bulb hybridizers have been busy pushing the envelope on hyacinth colors and forms, and now hybrids are available in almost every color except black.

Hyacinths are among the most fragrant flowers in the plant kingdom. Hyacinth bloom for a long time in the cool temperatures of spring bringing wonderful color and scent to beds, borders and containers. Hyacinth bulbs are only available in the fall. Strong colors in welcoming Spring shades.

When a breeze carries that first whiff of Hyacinth, spring is not far behind. 4 bulbs per bag. Bulb size 15/16 cm. Hyacinth transition a winter-weary garden to life well before most perennials begin to waken in spring and before it is warm enough to plant annuals.

Longfield Gardens offers hyacinth bulbs for fall planting. These spring blooming flower bulbs have big, fragrant flowers in colors such as white, pink, purple and blue. Plant in gardens or containers.