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Lunaria Money Plant Seeds for your garden

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Yes, it is easy and re-seeds readily. That's the problem. No one, at least around here, should actively cultivate Lunaria. Along with another herbaceous invasive, Garlic Mustard (Alliaria petiolata), Money Plant should be removed wherever encountered. There are too many great plants to be encouraging a trouble maker like Lunaria.

Noteworthy CharacteristicsGreat plant for naturalizing in borders, woodlands, or wild gardens. Seed pods are excellent for dried flower arrangements. CarePlants usually self-seed. Lunaria prefers a moist shady area. PropagationDirect sow in early summer. ProblemsClubroot, white blister, viruses, and leaf spot.

Money Plant, or Honesty, is a self-seeding biennial named for it's showiest feature--its 2-foot stalks of silvery, coin-shaped seedpods, which are attractive in dried arrangements. It was among the first European flowers grown in American gardens, and was valued for its seedpods and edible roots.

Plant number: 1.329.050 Also known as Honesty, this is a favourite old-fashioned biennial. Showy sprays of pretty purple or white flowers in spring are followed by interesting papery silver dollar sized seedpods.

Money plant (Lunaria annua), also known as "Honesty", is an herbaceous biennial in the mustard family (Brassicaceae).It is usually grown for the coin-like, silvery, translucent seed pods that are used in dried flower arrangements. However, the colorful effect of the magenta flowers from a grouping of plants is quite magnificent.