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Moon and Stars Yellow Flesh Watermelon 90-95 days. Rare, this is the yellow-meated strain of this fine heirloom; these are very delicious and have beautiful, yellow-orange meat that is very sweet. The large fruit can grow to 40 lbs, and it has large, yellow "Moons and Stars" covering their nearly black rinds.

These organic watermelon seeds produce large oval fruits that are splashed with bright yellow, reminiscent of the moon and stars. Once thought that this variety was lost, then it was rediscovered by the Seed Savers Exchange.

Sow moon and stars watermelon seeds two seeds per hole, and select the stronger seedling to transplant. Watermelons like rich soil. As the seeds are germinating, keep them very warm (75F-80F) and avoid over watering! Cool soil or too much water can cause the seeds to rot rather than sprout!

Heirloom lovers and watermelon addicts alike will love Moon and Stars. It is ultra-sweet, succulent, and delectable, with a rind as attractive as the flesh is delicious! Sow directly into the sunny garden when the soil is warm and all danger of frost is past. Sow the seeds in raised hills or rows 3 inches high.

100 days. One of Territorial's very favorite watermelons and always a stellar performer at our trial grounds. Moon & Stars is named for its celestially patterned rind: midnight black with brilliant, golden spangles and one large, lunar spot. Truly a cosmic wonder, the glittering, pinpoint stars spill from the fruit and into a galaxy of deeply lobed, silver-green foliage.

Released in 1924 by Peter Henderson & Co. as 'Sun, Moon and Stars' watermelon. Henderson stated that they had originally received seed from, " a practical melon grower of Rocky Ford, Colorado, who fixed the type and named it.