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Sophistica Blackberry Petunia Seeds - Annual Flower Seeds

Considered a designer collection of grandiflora petunias, the Petunia Sophistica varieties are slightly out of the ordinary. Large blooms in special one-of-a-kind colors fill out lush upright plants. The varieties match each other well for flowering, so growers can schedule them together. But what sells the Sophistica'

petunia sophistica blackberry (pellets) Availability: In stock The designer Debonair and Sophistica collections combine beautiful flowers in special one-of-a-kind colours with professional seed quality.

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Petunia Sophistica Series Blackberry Shades 10 Pelleted seeds per package. Unique colors, large grandiflora flowers, plants are compact and large. Height of 12 inches.

Petunia, Sophistica Blackberry Hybrid Deep blackberry flowers and dark foliage stands out in any setting. Sensuous, shimmering black beauty with burgundy-reddish undertones and dark green foliage.

Petunia, Sophistica Blackberry Hybrid. Newly engendered varieties like 'Black Velvet Petunia' or 'Black Cat Petunia' look almost black but it may be hard and expensive to find their seeds. However, beautiful petunia, 'Sophistica blackberry' is an easier option.