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San Marzano tomatoes were documented to be first grown in volcanic soil at the base of Mount Vesuvius. Because it came from Italy, San Marzano tomatoes are famous in the region. They are known to be used for as a pizza sauce or a canned delicacy. Since San Marzano tomatoes were first grown in volcanic soil, the tomatoes have a sweeter taste.

Tomato - San Marzano - Lycopersicon lycopersicum. Tender Annual Indeterminate. Heirloom. Large indeterminate vines produce elongated fruit. The fruit grow to about 4" long and 2" in diameter and are borne in clusters. Holds well on vine or in storage, crack resistant, excellent for paste, puree, or canning.

San Marzano is the absolute best paste tomato I have ever grown. It had tremendous yields of large and very meaty fruit. Also this tomato is indeterminate, a characteristic not found in many tomatoes. Probaly the only problem I had with this variety was that it is prone to getting blight. Positive

The plants produced a lot of tomatoes so I will tell her to stop throwing them away but to try cooking them. Just wondering if these tomatoes shouldn't be eaten off the vine but rather cooked into a sauce only. Thanks. You are correct indeed. The 'San Marzano' is a plum tomato and is generally used exclusively for making sauce.

San Marzano tomatoes get their name from the town where they were born, San Marzano sul Sarno, which is located in the Campania region of southern Italy. Characteristics of San Marzano tomatoes include a thicker tomato wall, less seeds and less acidity than other tomatoes, making them ideal for authentic Italian cuisine.

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