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Gurney's Albion Everbearing Strawberry (Fragaria), Live

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Strawberry, Albion. High sugar content makes this the perfect dessert strawberry. Albion, an everbearing type, is a new variety from California with long, conical, symmetrical; firm fruit bursting with sweetness. Resists Verticillium wilt, Phytophthora crown rot and resistance to anthracnose crown rot. US Plant Patent #16,228.

Berries are good flavored, red throughout, conical and evenly shaped with a high percentage of top quality fruit. Capable of high yields when given extra watering and nutrients. Albion's firmness makes it a good shipper. Albion is quickly becoming a favorite among commercial and home growers.

Visit us to learn more about our Albion Everbearing Strawberry. Bursting with SweetnessSymmetrical, large berries have intense red color inside and out. Beau

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Day-neutral strawberry with very large berries. Conical-shaped berries with excellent flavor. Compared to Seascape, Albion bears larger and slightly firmer berries, and is more disease resistant. Albion's disease package includes resistance to verticillium, phytophthora crown rot, and partial resistance to anthracnose crown rot.