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Purple Podded Pole -- This high-yielding bean is not only dependable, stringless, and tender -- it makes for a lovely ornamental, as well. The pods are 5"-7" long and deep purple. The pods are 5"-7" long and deep purple.

Bush beans also produce most of the crop all at once, which is great for freezing. But pole beans are beautiful and bountiful, and you don't have to bend over to reap your harvest. Although they mature later than bush beans, most of the pole bean varieties are really prolific.

Flavorful and tender. Long, flat green pods up to 11 inches long. Vigorous vine to 8 feet tall. A favorite European climbing bean suited for greenhouse growing or outdoors. Bears early, both the first and last bean to be picked. Best Bet Bush Yellow Beans: • Goldencrop Wax. 45-65 days. AAS. CBM, V. Tender, stringless bean. Straight round bright-yellow 5 to 6½ inch pods; white seeds.

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