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A ground cover with bright yellow flowers, it's a great choice if you also want to attract pollinators to your garden. Likes: Prefers full sun. Dislikes: Doesn't do well in humidity and extreme heat. Other characteristics: It's not the best choice for those wanting a quick ground-cover solution. Yarrow grows and spreads slowly. 16.

Sedum is an excellent choice for gardeners looking for a ground cover with yellow flowers. It is an ornamental succulent plant that thrives perfectly in full sunny spots. These plants are available in 400 varieties. Sedum needs well draining soil and is popular with people all over the globe.

This rugged, ground cover plant thrives in wet areas. While it will grow in partial shade, planting it in an area with full sun will provide you with more vibrant colors. It has long trailing stems, round chartreuse leaves, and vibrant yellow flowers. It can quickly cover large areas, choking out weeds and pulling out roots along its stems.

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Use pachysandra to cover deeply shaded ground. This plant offers rich, dark jade foliage and little clusters of white flowers. Pachysandra will take a few seasons to establish but once at home will thrive on neglect. Plant it and ignore it: The plant is about as low-maintenance as you get. Name: Pachysandra terminalis

Looking to mix up your landscape this season? Then consider adding a low-growing plant to your garden. These ground cover perennials include good choices for both sunny and shady locations, as well as options for light, moderate, and heavy traffic.While you're knee-deep in the flowerbed, too, check out our list of the best perennial flowers and plants for any yard for more inspiration!